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Looking for a family owned, full-service, short term property management company in Franklin to list, host, and manage your vacation property on Airbnb and Vrbo and all the top booking sites? We do it all!
  • We list, host & manage your Franklin vacation rental property
  • We are a family owned & operated property management company
  • We take care of everything for you, from bookings to guest services
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Full-Service Franklin Airbnb Property Management

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We Rent Your Property

We list your Franklin vacation rental on Airbnb, VRBO and all the major booking platforms with vibrant, eye-catching photography and dynamic pricing so you can get top dollar.
Photography to make your listing pop
Dynamic pricing to help you earn more
Marketing your property on social media

We Manage & Maintain It

We are a full-service property management company in Franklin that handles everything from check-in and check-out, to guest services, housekeeping, property maintenance, permits and taxes.
Cleaning, restocking and maintenance
We spot check after every cleaning
We handle permits, taxes, & inspections

We Wow Your Guests

We take care of reservations and customer support, with quick answers to their questions to ensure your guests have an amazing stay at your property in Franklin, Tennessee.
Check-in and check-out management
24/7 guest services and support
We help you earn 5-star reviews

Our Short Term Rental Management Services for Franklin

We List Your Franklin Property on Airbnb and all the top travel sites

Listing & Marketing


Customer Support

Cleaning & Maintenance

Inspections & Taxes

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Our Franklin Airbnb Property Management Team

"We are a full-service, boutique-style vacation rental management company, focused on serving our local Franklin community with one-on-one, personalized property management tailored to you and your goals."
🤝 Our Mission

Josh Smith

OwneR & Operator

About Me

Hi there, I’m Josh Smith, proud Owner & Managing Director for Grand Welcome of Franklin. Born in Florida but Colorado shaped me into who I am today including graduating from Colorado State University.

Before diving into vacation rental management, I spent over a decade in various roles for a Fortune Global 500 company. Those years gifted me a versatile skill set, spanning product management, quality engineering, customer service, fixed operations and sales.

As for my life story, Middle Tennessee is where its current chapter unfolds, right alongside my beautiful family. In the Smith family mix, you’ll find Lauren, my amazing wife; Abigail and Colin, our little bursts of sunshine (aka trouble makers 😉); and Layla, our four-legged friend.

I’m genuinely excited about the chance to connect, share stories, and explore how we can work together. The journey ahead is full of promise, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

What I Love About Franklin

What I enjoy most about Franklin is its inherent beauty, both within the city limits and the sprawling landscapes around it. Middle Tennessee holds my extended family tightly, and Franklin often becomes our central spot for family get-togethers. Beyond work, I relish the time spent creating treasured memories with my loved ones. You might also catch me on a leisurely drive along the Natchez Trace, on the section between Franklin and Columbia, as a way to unwind and soak in the surroundings.

5-star rating on Google

Glowing Reviews by Our Franklin Property Owners

We treat you like family, always going the extra mile to maximize your rental revenue, providing your guests with personalized service and maintaining your property as if it's our own.

I highly recommend Josh and the Grand Welcome Franklin team. He is knowledgeable and detail oriented.  I appreciated his thoroughness. And he takes personal care to ensure quality.


Joelle Mitchell

Franklin, TN

Josh Smith and his company have done a great job in marketing and maintaining our rental property. Josh is communicative, responsive and knowledgeable. Highly enjoy working with him.

Jennifer Cuebas

Franklin, TN

I've worked with Josh in the past, you wont find a more dedicated partner. I appreciate that he always listens and is driven to reach the best solution. His guidance is invaluable and I highly recommend working with him on any project!


Julia Long

Franklin, TN

Josh and the Grand Welcome Franklin team truly understood what I needed as a homeowner. They gave quality recommendations to make my home more competitive, marketed my property effectively, and kept me updated on bookings and earnings. I’m glad I switched to work with Josh and Grand Welcome. Highly recommend!


Aaron Carpenter

Franklin, TN

I have had the privilege of working closely with Josh for an extended period, and I must say he is an exceptional professional. Josh's expertise knows no bounds, and he consistently delivers outstanding results. His dependability, honesty, and genuine desire for his clients' success set him apart. Working with Josh is a pleasure, and I highly recommend him.


David Hughes

Franklin, TN

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do short term property management companies charge in Franklin?

The typical fee for short term rental property management in Franklin can range from 10 – 30%, depending on who you go with and whether they offer partial or full-service management. For example, some larger national companies may offer partial management at a reduced rate, which may require more effort on your part coordinating with housekeeping teams, restocking supplies, changing linens, handling maintenance issues, etc.
💪 As a full service management company, we use the mentality of low-effort, high-reward for our owners.

Are short term vacation rentals allowed in Franklin, Tennessee?

Yes, however, there are some rules and guidelines to be aware of. First, you’ll need to determine whether or not you have the right zoning for short-term rentals in Franklin. Next, depending on your zoning district, additional use regulations may also apply including owner occupancy requirements. Following initial zoning and community research, you’ll need to apply for an annual Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) permit, acquire a business license, have a fire alarm inspection conducted and obtain an updated certificate of use and occupancy to be posted on premise. You’ll also need proof of property and liability insurance and will need to collect and remit necessary State, County and Local taxes.✍️ As your property management company, we’ll work with you to ensure all necessary steps are taken and your property remains in compliance.

Do I need to collect and remit taxes for short term rentals in Franklin?

Before collecting any short-term rental taxes from your guests, you need to be aware of whether any taxes have already been collected on your behalf. Some short-term rental travel booking sites must register and collect Franklin short-term rental taxes for hosts when a listing is booked. In the case where a travel booking site does not collect taxes for you or a guest books directly with you rather than through a site, you’re responsible for collecting and remitting all necessary taxes. The sales tax rate charged is based on the location where the lodging is provided. Additional taxes such as basic room tax, an additional room tax, and a municipal room tax may also apply based on the location of your property. Please note that the information provided here is a general guideline and may not reflect the most current regulations. Always check with the local authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
🏡 As a state licensed property management company, we will collect and remit the accommodations taxes on your behalf.