Airbnb &聽Vrbo Vacation Rental Management for Franklin

About Us

Hi, I'm Josh Smith, owner of Grand Welcome Franklin, a full-service, boutique-style vacation rental management company, focused on serving our local community with one-on-one, personalized Airbnb and Vrbo property management.

We believe in mixing a personal touch with the latest technologies and data-driven strategies to ensure outstanding property performance. We have years of experience in customer relations, marketing, project management, and advertising, so I know exactly how to promote properties and attract high-quality guests.


At Grand Welcome Franklin, we鈥檙e on a mission to bridge the gap between property owners, cherished guests, and the local community. Through our boutique-style management, we elevate properties into inviting havens while ensuring guests experience a memorable getaway. By prioritizing the local community, we aim to create a positive impact that goes beyond the stay.

Join us in nurturing these connections and making hospitality truly meaningful. Give us a call today at (629) 245-6677

Josh Smith

OwneR & Operator

About Me

Hi there, I鈥檓 Josh Smith, proud Owner & Managing Director for Grand Welcome of Franklin. Born in Florida but Colorado shaped me into who I am today including graduating from Colorado State University.

Before diving into vacation rental management, I spent over a decade in various roles for a Fortune Global 500 company. Those years gifted me a versatile skill set, spanning product management, quality engineering, customer service, fixed operations and sales.

As for my life story, Middle Tennessee is where its current chapter unfolds, right alongside my beautiful family. In the Smith family mix, you鈥檒l find Lauren, my amazing wife; Abigail and Colin, our little bursts of sunshine (aka trouble makers 馃槈); and Layla, our four-legged friend.

I鈥檓 genuinely excited about the chance to connect, share stories, and explore how we can work together. The journey ahead is full of promise, and I can鈥檛 wait to be a part of it!

What I聽Love About Franklin

What I enjoy most about Franklin is its inherent beauty, both within the city limits and the sprawling landscapes around it. Middle Tennessee holds my extended family tightly, and Franklin often becomes our central spot for family get-togethers. Beyond work, I relish the time spent creating treasured memories with my loved ones. You might also catch me on a leisurely drive along the Natchez Trace, on the section between Franklin and Columbia, as a way to unwind and soak in the surroundings.